Dickson Interchange Building, ACT
Dickson Interchange Building, ACT

Architecture Design Drafting

Noosa Drafting Services are proud to have been a part of the team for the design and construction of the iconic Dickson Interchange building in Canberra – a game changer in sustainable office building construction.

Here, the client had a dream to produce an eco friendly office block where the air conditioning for the entire building was powered by 100% renewable electricity. The solar panels on the roof alone provided 30% of the energy needed.

Together, the team of Architect, Builder, Drafter and various trades were able to design, draw and create exactly what the client’s original vision was.

This building combines beautiful architecture with cutting edge technology to create a benchmark for others to follow.


Canberra Interchange 3D rendering

Drafting sample: Ben Ranford

Air Conditioning drawings for Dickson Interchange, Canberra

Air Conditioning Dickson Interchange

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