Sydney Harbour Tunnel
Sydney Harbour Tunnel

Sydney Harbour Tunnel Project – civil engineering drafting

Noosa Drafting Services’ engineering design drafter, Ben Ranford was tasked with designing and drafting the ventilation system for the south end of the Sydney Harbour Tunnel (near the Sydney Opera House).

The system extracted dust-laden air from deep in the tunnel and drew in fresh air for the workers below.

The project was a bold one and the vision of its creation came with a number of challenges.

During the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, 800 homes had to be demolished. One of the tunnel’s challenges was a commitment that no residential houses would be demolished during construction (which was achieved).

Another was that a large Moreton Bay fig tree above the South entrance had to be preserved at all costs. It was, and the cost: $500,000. This and many other beautiful trees are still thriving above the tunnel today.

The Sydney Harbour Tunnel, a joint venture between Australian giant, Transfield and the Japanese construction company Kumagai Gumi, was first envisaged in 1885 but took until 1992 for the dream to be realised!

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