Lucas Heights Nuclear Reactor
Lucas Heights Nuclear Reactor

Engineering Design Drafting – Lucas Heights Replacement Nuclear Reactor

This state-of-the-art 20 megawatt purpose-built reactor is used to produce radioisotopes for medical and industrial applications, research, minerals analysis and the irradiation of silicon ingots for use in the manufacture  of electronic semi-conductor devices (think everything from mobile phones to fridges).

Ben Ranford, engineering design drafter at Noosa Drafting Services, worked onsite during the construction, simultaneously doing drafting and carrying out site inspections of equipment to ensure correct tagging of valves, equipment and the installation of HVAC equipment.

Follow up security work was also undertaken prior to the OPAL reactor going critical at 11.25 pm on 12 August 2006.

OPAL Reactor Lucas Heights

Project drafting by Ben Ranford

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