Navy Safety Training Simulators
Navy Safety Training Simulators

The award-winning HMAS Creswell Redevelopment Team has been recognised for delivering Australia’s first fire-fighting and leak-stop-and-repair training unit. The training unit includes a range of safety systems that coordinate, monitor, and control training scenarios.

Noosa Drafting Services is proud to have been part of the team.

Key challenges

The team was tasked with safely building a facility that was specifically designed to place sailors in simulated dangerous and life-threatening scenarios, including fighting gas and diesel fires in confined spaces.

Environmental challenges

The project also involved a number of environmental challenges, such as minimising any potential contaminated runoff from the site and eliminating the emission of large plumes of black smoke from the fire-fighting units.

Safety approach 

Meeting these challenges and safely delivering new facilities required a commitment to safety from everyone involved in the project. Two particular elements that contributed greatly to the successful outcome were:

  • undertaking a comprehensive Navy Safety Case which reviewed the possible risks to personnel using the training facilities and set out necessary measures to ensure these risks were controlled in the design and construction process.
  • extensive collaboration between a range of stakeholders – particularly trainers and users of the training facilities – in the design and development of the Navy Safety Case. The Navy Safety Case remains a live document maintained by the operators of the facility into the future.

Congratulations to the HMAS Creswell Redevelopment Team for successfully producing one of the safest training units of its type in the world.

Source: The Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner

Drafting by Ben Ranford:

Fire simulation design detail

Navy stop-leak training unit

Ship's company from NUSHIP Canberra conduct leak stop and repair training at the School of Survivability and Ship’s Safety.

leak stop and repair training at the School of Survivability and Ship’s Safety.

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